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John Reynolds Gardiner

Passionate, Award-Winning Children’s Book Author

Despite initially receiving terrible feedback for his writing and encountering setbacks as a young writer, John Reynolds Gardiner never gave up and continued to believe in himself. His imaginative, creative, and persevering personality made him a best-selling and beloved children’s book author today.

John Reynolds Gardiner is renowned for his exceptional works that various generations have loved and enjoyed. He wrote enriching, entertaining, and inspiring books and novels that will always live on and be remembered for many years.

John lived in Huntington Beach, CA, with his wife, Gloria; their three beautiful daughters, Carrie, Alicia, and Danielle; and their granddaughter, Lana. He passed in 2006, leaving a legacy of fascinating literature.

The Works of John Reynolds Gardiner

Children’s Novels

Stone Fox
Top Secret
General Butterfingers


“How to Write a Story That’s Not Boring”


“I’m Yours”


“Americas Dirty Dishes”

Nonfiction Books

How to Live a Life That’s Not Boring

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